Covid 19: during the current pandemic we are committed to providing support to Children, Young People and their families.
We are providing our service online where possible, when this is not practical, we continuing our support in line with the latest governement guidelines.

Systemic Psychotherapy

At Calm Together we specialise in Systemic Therapy, a specialist Psychotherapy.

Systemic Therapy is beneficial for a diverse range of challenges, families who have children with behavioural challenges, or experiencing challenges accessing school, have anxiety issues, eating or emotional challenges, or Special Educational Needs or individuals who are affected by family issues

Systemic Therapy seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members, and may involve parents and children of all ages, grandparents, siblings, partners, friends, carers - anyone who is important to the family.

Systemic Therapists are also trained and able to work with individuals with mental health difficulties or those experiencing distress. At Calm Together there is a focus on issues arising from trauma.

These issues can be particularly prevalent when we are caring for a child or young person who has experience of ACE's.
If you or a family or family member impacted upon by an Adverse Childhood Experience we can help.

Individual Therapy

We work systemically with a number of different issues from chronic health conditions, to life adjustment or transitions, and trauma. If you experienced an Adverse Childhood Experience and are now an adult but still feel the effects of the past, please contact us, we are here to help.

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Family Therapy

As systemic therapists we are particularly interested in supporting family relationships, life transition and life adjustments, school or work related issues that are impacting negatively upon family life.

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Young People's Therapy

Young people are under more and more pressure these days - from exam stress, hormone changes during adolescence, peer group pressure, and deciding what to do when they leave school. Imagine attempting to navigate these scenarios following an ACE's (Adverse childhood experience)! Don't worry Calm Together can help. Give us a call.

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