What we believe in…

At Calm Together we believe that access to mental health support is fundamental right of a modern society. This is why we ensure a percentage of our sessional fees go towards supporting those who may experience challenges meeting the costs of private therapy.

We provide support to people, so at the heart of everything we do is a personal approach, helping our clients find calm confidence within their personal and professional relationships.

Our aims for our children, families and adults are:

  • to provide a safe service, that also feels safe
  • to provide professional support so that our community can take better emotional care of themselves and/or their families.
  • to provide therapeutic support which has a positive impact.
  • to reduce emotional distress, improve resilience and enable connection to personal strengths.
  • to offer a respectful and collaborative service where people feel valued, listened to, and treated with dignity.

We will be there when you needs us, for as long as you need us.