Introducing Our Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) Clinic: A Unique Path to Healing

At CalmTogether, we understand that each of our clients carries a unique story, filled with their own challenges and experiences. Recognizing the diversity of these personal journeys, we are thrilled to introduce our new Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) clinic, offering a compassionate and evidence-based approach to healing from trauma.

Narrative Exposure Therapy is a remarkable intervention, particularly suited for individuals who have faced multiple traumatic events throughout their lives. It’s grounded in the idea that by recounting one’s life story, person by person, place by place, memory by memory, healing can begin.

NET Life Line
Depiction of NET Lifeline

Why Choose Narrative Exposure Therapy?

1. Evidence-Based Effectiveness: NET has been rigorously tested and proven to be highly effective for treating trauma, particularly in cases of complex trauma. This therapy helps individuals make sense of and contextualize their experiences, leading to significant improvements in symptoms of trauma such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Studies have demonstrated its efficacy across diverse populations and various traumatic contexts (Schauer, Neuner, & Elbert, 2011).

2. Empowerment Through Storytelling: One of the most empowering aspects of NET is how it incorporates personal testimony. Clients are encouraged to create a narrative that encompasses both the traumatic events and the positive moments of their lives. This process not only aids in processing traumatic memories but also strengthens the individual’s identity and resilience.

3. Creative Expression: NET involves a unique creative element. During therapy sessions, clients construct a chronological timeline of their life’s main events, using symbols like flowers for joyful experiences and stones for traumatic ones. This tangible, visual method allows individuals to externalize their internal experiences, making them easier to examine and understand.

4. Choice and Personalization: We recognize that healing is not a one-size-fits-all journey. By offering NET alongside our other therapeutic approaches, we empower our clients to choose the path that best suits their individual needs and comfort levels.

5. Long-Term Benefits: Beyond alleviating symptoms of trauma, NET fosters a profound sense of personal coherence and continuity. Clients often report a greater sense of peace and a clearer understanding of their own life story, which contributes to long-term emotional well-being.

Our Commitment

In launching our NET clinic, we respond to the unique narratives of all who walk through our doors. We believe in providing choices that honor each individual’s path to talking about, understanding, and healing from difficult and traumatic experiences.

Whether you’re encountering the idea of Narrative Exposure Therapy for the first time or looking for a new approach to ongoing challenges, our NET clinic is here to offer a supportive, innovative, and effective therapeutic option.

At CalmTogether, we’re dedicated to walking with you on your journey to recovery, helping you to weave the threads of your experiences into a tapestry of strength and resilience.


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