Therapy, Bean & Banter: Collective Care Initiative

As the team behind Calm Together, our journey to creating the “Therapy, Beans, and Banter” event stemmed from a deep understanding of the unique pressures faced by professionals in the well-being industry. We recognized that therapists, counselors, psychologists, yoga instructors, and even hairdressers dedicate their lives to supporting others, often at the expense of their own mental and emotional well-being. Observing the prevalence of burnout and vicarious trauma within our community, we were inspired by Vicki Reynolds’ concept of the “Zone of Fabulousness” – a balance between giving to others and taking care of oneself. This idea resonated deeply with us, highlighting the necessity of maintaining personal well-being to effectively support those we serve.

Our desire to create the “Therapy, Beans, and Banter” event was fuelled by the recognition that collective care is a powerful antidote to the challenges our peers face. We saw an opportunity to cultivate a supportive community where professionals could come together in a relaxed, informal setting to share experiences, offer support, and find solace in the understanding that they are not alone. We envisioned an environment where laughter, conversation, and the simple pleasure of a shared coffee could rejuvenate the spirit and remind us of the joy in our work.

We wanted to provide a platform for connection and growth, where the exchange of stories and strategies could empower each participant. It was important for us to create a space that fostered both professional and personal development, recognizing that the well-being of those who care for others is crucial for the sustainability of their practice. Our aim was to remind our peers that taking time for themselves, engaging in meaningful conversations, and building networks of support is not only beneficial but essential.

The “Therapy, Beans, and Banter” event was designed to embody the principles of mutual support and shared wisdom. We believed that by bringing together individuals from various disciplines within the well-being industry, we could facilitate a rich exchange of perspectives, enhance empathy, and strengthen the collective resilience of our community.

In essence, our motivation for creating this event was driven by a desire to nurture the nurturers. We understand the immense value of the work done by well-being professionals and the toll it can take. Through “Therapy, Beans, and Banter,” we hope to offer a beacon of light—a reminder that in the midst of our demanding roles, there is a community ready to uplift, support, and walk alongside each other. It’s our way of saying thank you to those who spend their days caring for others, providing them with an opportunity to recharge, reflect, and remember that together, we are stronger.